Saturday, 31 July 2010

Post Production

I've had a few questions about post on scAIRcrows and I've always answered the question from an effects point of view and no-one's stopped me or pushed me further so I presume that when people ask about post, they're asking about the effects.

Whilst I may have touched on this previously, scAIRcrows will be entirely practical. It helps me not knowing the first thing about CGI on a low budget but also, I honestly wouldn't want to use it. I'll try and not be a purist about this as I know it has it's uses and if done well, can really look good (I was convinced that only the tentacles on Davy Jones' face were CGI in the Pirates of the Caribbean films - honestly didn't think the whole thing was animated). But most of the time it completely takes me out of a film - I've never understood why CG blood is used, it stands out a mile.

So yes, practical 100% of the way - I know why the question comes up though. For anyone that reads the script, it reads like it should be really expensive. You have scarecrows that fly and then people dying in fairly elaborate ways.

As the YouTube channel (quite low on content at the moment - I know, it's something I will address!) demonstrates, things that I've written into the script that sound impossible can actually be pulled off - fairly well I think too as well. We're not going to rival commercial productions but I wouldn't want to - I think this adds to the charm and tone of the project - being hands on with absolutely everything.

We have a lot of time to get each of those shots right and because the bulk of the effects shots will be performed off set - if I spend a whole day just putting together one shot, then so be it.

So yeah, as far as post goes - not a single spot will be digitally added. We'll colour grade and that but no effects will be performed inside the computer. If, for whatever reason, I can't get the shot physically, I'd rather not include it. And I say that with confidence of knowing that everything I've written can be pulled off, one way or another.

I hope this has actually answered the question re. post and that I am actually referring to the correct intention of the question - if not, if someone is genuinely interested to know more, throw the question at me!

And, if you want to know why, above all else, I wouldn't touch low budget CGI - check out the trailer to Birdemic and look at the shots with the birds. Truly, having plastic birds on strings, to me, would look better and the option that I would have gone for.

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