Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The Script

scAIRcrows is truly an independent production. The entire thing is funded by my annual bonus. It was just one of those things where it became time to stop talking about it and actually go ahead and do it.

On a coach trip from Orlando to Miami, I’d pretty much written the script in my head. The idea had been there for about a year but that coach journey gave me the time to piece it together. And a day or so after I landed back in the UK, I just put it to paper. I wrote the first draft in about four or five hours – it seemed to happen really quickly as I already had the entire thing in my head, it was just getting it from there to paper.

And then I spent about a week or so tightening things up, correcting mistakes and reordering scenes. The current draft is basically the same as the first draft with things just happening in a slightly different order, less draggy dialogue and better spelling but fundamentally, there’s no real difference.

Further tweaks may still happen just to tighten up the running time, it's something I've got an eye on. But I need to deliver on the crazy deaths and it needs to carry some sort of weight so it's becoming harder to slim it down without emaciating it.

People seem to like it though which is encouraging but also slightly weird - I wrote this for myself and I thought, with my fairly unique taste, I'd be the only one that enjoyed it
so it's slightly strange to see people responding to it.

But having a script is just the beginning...

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