Sunday, 19 September 2010

scAIRcrows Is Interactive

Fun news - we've managed to sneak an interactive element into scAIRcrows.

I can't take credit for the idea - that was Wayne's, our soundman on this film. But I thought it was such a great idea and just gives me another way of getting people involved and interested in the film - a reason to draw people to the site and Facebook etc...

It came about as we were due to be working with an actor (Merry Fotso) whose audition video for us featured a sandwich. As the actor was game for this - we decided we'd do a poll for the film.

In this scene, Merry's character orders a sandwich.

Now - you have the ability to choose what sandwich Merry orders!

I will be posting a poll on Facebook in the next hour or so and that's how we'll come to the ultimate decision but in the meantime, these are the choices:

Cheese and pickle
Tuna mayo
Turkey club

We're leaving the final choice to you, the potential audience. I will leave this poll open right up until the film's finished - this will be one of the last things I cut in, just so we get in as many votes as possible.

The scene has now been shot so this will actually happen!

I will post the link shortly - get voting!

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