Friday 17 September 2010

General Status

Last time I said there were lots of things going on - it's actually a strange thing but as we're getting further along in production, things are 'developing' more.

The best example of this is, on Wednesday I wrote a new draft of the script. Yes, with 21 pages of a 27 page script shot, I am somehow still writing! Well, the script isn't actually 27 pages anymore - it's longer.

A few things have happened that have dictated this - some logistical but really, what I'm finding is that I'm seeing things that can play on what we already have. I have no barometer for crazy/randomness as I think the scAIRcrows script is 'normal' when it probably isn't. But seeing the footage of what we've shot now makes me realise we need to punch up the remaining scenes because the juxtaposition of the stuff with the leads and everyone else is brilliant - I love how different the scenes come across and I want to make sure both parts of the film inhabit their own world whilst still obviously conforming to the script.

That could possibly be very vague - it just means we're ramping up the craziness. There's nothing major going on, just a few new lines here and there etc with the exception of one new scene that I think will gently introduce the audience to the world of scAIRcrows.

So yeah, for all intents and purposes, the film will end up being 95% of what my very first draft was, we're just playing with it a bit!

We've had a few problems with scheduling actors recently. Unfortunately, these things do happen and for everyone that's had to pull out for whatever reason - we wish you the very best. In a strange sort of way, I'm happy that it's happened in a way. Not in the sense that we've had to reschedule actors (more than once in a few cases I believe) but just because everything was running too smoothly - it's a nice wake up call and forces you to not be complacent. If we got to the end of this and nothing had happened, I would think there's something wrong...

I continue to dip in and out of editing but I don't think we're seriously going to dent it until shooting's all done - just planning the shoots are so time consuming. I would just hate to think how many hours have gone into the making of this film. From me coming up with the idea to writing it, the meetings, auditions, shooting, editing, these blogs - I realise now why I seem a lot more tired than I used to! I want nothing more than to have this finished but it's just going to take it's time. I originally projected a sometime November finish and I think that's still a realistic finish point. Hopefully. At least it's actually happening anyway - the film is actually being made!

Something interesting happening in the next week - we begin scoring or at least searching for what the 'sound' of the film should be. We have nearly two finished scenes and we're just going to start playing about with them as far as music goes. A lot of discussion has gone into what the score for the film should sound like. I'm adamant that we don't have any metal type music in the action sequences. Whilst it's not terrible - it's just an idea that's overdone and I think, there's a world of music out there. My initial thoughts are that it should sound something like the Cabin Fever score - check it out, to my ear, it isn't a typical score but works really well. Or something like the music in the original Last House On The Left. There's plenty of ways to go with it and I look forward to seeing what we come up with. I hope though that when it's eventually out there to be heard, it'll be fairly atypical. Who knows!

About me personally, having shot the scene with Blue Jigsaw and edited a good bunch of it, I'm feeling much more confident as a filmmaker now. I've picked up things and learnt lessons and I genuinely believe I'm getting better every new day we get out there. I've said it before but this is now starting to look like the exact kind of film that I'd watch myself so I do feel as though I'm doing myself proud here. And I hope that if I do genuinely feel this way about the film, it'll come across and other people will appreciate it. I say that because I'll fully admit that I wrote this for myself. Yeah, I knew people would obviously watch it but I didn't give one thought to structuring things for an audience - I just wrote what I wanted to see. Now, that might be the right way of doing it - I don't know but I know the kinds of films I watch, not a lot of people have seen them (go back to the inspirations blog and tell me how many of those films you've seen). And that was a worry for scAIRcrows - that it could go unappreciated. It's still a worry but hope and think that the effort going into this is on the screen and that translates into a fun little film! I think it's brilliant but I would say that!

I mentioned it on Twitter but thought it worth mentioning here too. We've come up with an idea for making scAIRcrows a somewhat interactive movie. We're not deliberately keeping this secret - we're going to put the idea into action tomorrow and if it works (which I have no doubt that it will), I'll announce it on this blog on Sunday - it's definitely a cool way of getting people actively involved with the film.

I'll end it there - remember to keep an eye on for the latest, add scAIRcrows through Facebook, Myspace or Twitter - I'm trying to keep info regularly flowing there.

I have no idea what the audience is for this blog, the stats are slightly vague but I'm getting over 500 visits a month which is quite good considering I've not performed any promotion yet. But, for anyone reading this, if there's an area of the production you'd like to know more about - let me know and I can write a future blog about it. I'm writing this for everyone that's reading it so would love to address questions from anyone that's following the production!

I will check back here Sunday - 'til then, eyes on the skies!

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