Wednesday, 18 August 2010

An Update

Whilst I still don't really feel I have the time to do a proper blog around the weekend's shoot, I figure I'll drop a quick update in.

Twenty pages of a twenty seven page script have now been shot and this video is currently sat on a new external hard drive that I bought purely for scAIRcrows. We're shooting at full HDV so the files are pretty big - we've got 100GB of footage. I don't know how many hours that translates to but it's probably a lot for twenty pages of script.

I've deliberately kept a distance from the video for this week - the events of the weekend are still fairly fresh in my mind and I need to approach this with a clear head.

I'm happier than anything though - for me, this was an idea I had over a year ago and bit by bit, this thing slowly formed in my head and I eventually wrote it down in May. And it's weird to think that the script now actually lives. That something I'd created in my head now has an audiovisual presence. It truly is like dreaming something and then having it come to life and it's truly bizarre. I've been through this process before but with others quite heavily involved - scAIRcrows, I can safely say is 100% my vision.

I can't exactly stop working as there's still plenty to do but I'm focusing on other aspects of the film to break it up. And right now, that's the website. It isn't going to be overly spectacular as I do just want it to be one central point where people can go and then link to this blog, YouTube, flickr etc... I think the more basic it is, the better. So, hopefully by Saturday that will be live.

In the next few days, the first proper meeting re. the second block of shooting should take place. All actors we've offered the parts to have accepted but we haven't really progressed details there as we've been focused on the first shoot (which, at twenty pages, was the bulk of the film).

I will also write detailed blogs on the two days of shooting as well as posting pictures from the shoot - I will probably hold back on any video for the moment - as much as I want to get more video on the YouTube channel, it has to be right.

So, that's basically where the next week of scAIRcrows will be - it's getting really interesting now!

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