Wednesday 11 August 2010


We held rehearsals for the leads in scAIRcrows tonight.

I called rehearsals after realising that whilst I might have the film in mind - it was probably handy for the actors involved to run through the script and work off each other ahead of the actual day.

I'll admit that the way I work in life generally is to just go for it and worry about what goes wrong when it happens - so I would've been quite happy to just show up on the day of the shoot and just start shooting. Clearly, it's the wrong approach to take and after confessing to the actors that I didn't really have much of an idea as to what we were going to do in rehearsals, I was promptly shown.

And again, this is what's great about scAIRcrows - I am genuinely learning from every part of this project. Having run through the script with the actors - I know exactly how rehearsals should be handled and what the actors and myself need from them. I'm sorry that the four that worked with me tonight were the guinea pigs but they've given me so much that already, I'm much more confident about doing this in the future.

Which is handy because we'll need to do rehearsals for the other parts later in the month or early September. And I will come across a lot better there than I did tonight because I know what to expect and how to gear it now.

As for how the evening went - I felt like I should have offered more comment but to be totally truthful, they took the script beyond what I'd imagined and I think any comment I could've brought in would have been redundant. I'm really excited for people to see this now because it became clear to me tonight that there's four great people carrying this film, turning what I'd written into something that flows and sounds 'right'. I know now that scAIRcrows will be a film to be proud of - I honestly cannot wait to be in a position to get it out there.

And that's the other thing - it's given me confidence. I'm always doubting myself. It's something that I'm told by family, friends, school reports and work appraisals. And so, whilst I wrote scAIRcrows as something I would love to watch, I really didn't think anyone else would be interested. But tonight's showed me that yes, people will be interested and that the right people can give credence to something that, on paper, doesn't look like it'd work. So I'm not worried about Saturday at all. I should be nervous about it but I'm really not because I know that this will end up being good.

It's hard to explain but I wrote this about two or three months ago now and have lived with it in my head for that long but to see it actually turn into something real and be EXACTLY what I'd written - it's something else. Obviously, we're not 100% there - there's still a few things on the technical side to clear up but as far as what happens in front of the camera goes - I've no worries and it's such a good thing to be able to say that.

scAIRcrows will definitely be something to look forward to now!

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