Sunday 12 December 2010

scAIRcrows Is In Rough Cut

Today I finished the first pass at the scAIRcrows edit. It currently runs for 27 mins and 40 secs without credits. And the script was 27 pages long so that page per minute theory isn't far off!

It's a fairly frustrating victory though as it still feels as though there's a bit of work to go yet. Everything that's in the cut that I wanted to tidy up, I now have to go and do that. I also have to start laying over the separately recorded audio and start trying to get the image consistent across changing weathers etc. Some effects and additional shots need to carried out too.

So yeah, I feel like I've finished when really, I haven't. I'm going to try and ignore that for the moment though and just take some satisfaction, if only for tonight, knowing that a cut, however loose and rough around the edges, exists.

The main thing for me though is that this film does exist. From a silly idea first discussed over a year ago to the cut that sits on my computer today, I'm in a mild state of disbelief and I don't know how we pulled this off either! But we did. And it's coming.

To give you some idea of when you can expect to see this - luckily, Christmas is coming up which means I can devote large blocks of time to sorting out the audio and colour grading. I don't think it's too optimistic to think that we're probably not much more than a month away from a final cut.

Thanks for reading - 'til next time!

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